The Solar Water Heater Built to Last

We offer the following SOL-RELIANT™ system kit featuring easy installation for do-it-yourselfers. Ready to ship anywhere in the world.


Please inquire with us about specific pricing as each kit is customized to your individual needs. Dealer pricing also available.

A basic system kit includes:
  1. Collector complete with plumbing unions, pressure relief valve, and attached PV module with MC Cables. Also the roof flashing with 3/4" x 18" copper-sweat flex, and mounting brackets.

  2. Tank, pre-fabricated with pump, manual and hi-limit switch, pump isolation valves, flow meter, low point drain and fill valve. Pipes are stubbed to the top of the tank and pressure tested. The solar bypass valve mounted on brass (no gasket) unions is attached to the top of the tank. The hot line is identified by the temperature gauge. The tank is pre-insulated on top and bottom with radiant Tekfoil. Two rigid foam insulation pads are provided, one for the solar tank and one for the back up water heater. A second wrap is provided for the back up tank, top and sides.
Your kit is pre-fabricated to allow you to set the collector, set the tank, and plumb between the two. Additionally you will need to purchase piping (type M or L rigid copper), necessary copper fittings, pipe insulation (high temperature Armaflex or equivalent), glycol (Dowfrost HD) and distilled water.

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